Grow your business through Coaching

Grow your business through Coaching

Coaching is fascinating the whole world. It is one of the new modern professions that will be with us for a good time. This new profession has its origin in sports, because there the title of a coach is given to the coach that empowers or discovers the skills of athletes and athletes.

Therefore, this profession has moved to the business world. To discover the skills and enhance the weaknesses of your business.

Pillars of Coaching: Motivation and Leadership

The themes that are addressed in Coaching are linked to work on the motivation you face each day. Also, a Coach will promote in you and your business the facets of leadership, essential for business success.

Coaching can be used to improve many factors in your business:

  • Coaching will help you to update your professional development in your business.
  • It improves the performance characteristics of your business and you as a person.
  • Support your advance in speaking for negotiations of all kinds of agreements.
  • Facilitate your vision for a project or plan that may seem difficult to carry out.

Coaching and Mindset

For a coach to be able to boost your business, he must be clear about the technical definition of the word: Mindset. That is, he must detect what are the causes that move you to undertake with that business. A weak mindset is the goldmine for any Coach, since you can work focused on optimizing it to lead you to success.

Keys to understanding how coaching can help you

  • Knowledge: With an appropriate Coaching system you will quickly know the context in which you are developing, and you will recognize how you participate in it.
  • You will discover many wrong paradigms: human beings sometimes do not realize that we live blinded by many “veils” that cover our potential and qualities; as well as not letting us see what our failures are to correct them. A coach will “open your eyes” and teach you your true
  • Your business will be immersed in a constant advance: you will enjoy tools that you can apply immediately and the good thing is that there will always be something new to apply with Coaching.
  • It will make you define plans and goals: your business needs order and a clear definition of priorities. Coaching will help you establish them by addressing them with an effective plan.

Everything You Need to Know About Sapphire Buffalo

Everything You Need to Know About Sapphire Buffalo

Grass growing for business or private use is not only a serious matter but needs dedication and patience. From choosing seeds, preparing the lawn, growing, and maintenance, all these steps include taking care of your turf.

What is Sapphire Buffalo’s identity?

The Sapphire Buffalo (Stenotaphrum Secundatum’ B12′) is the only fine textured soft leaf buffalo grass in the market. It is a warm-season grass, but it can tolerate shaded areas very well (around 60-70%) making it the number one buffalo in the shed. This is the answer for those typical partly shade and partly sunny locations who need excellent quality turf all year round.


  • Very high durability- weeds have little room to grow
  • Can grow in sandy, lightly salty, or alkaline soils
  • Loves full sun but can survive the shed to as much as 70%,
  • Excellent tolerance and thrives in hot, humid and desert areas. Cold tolerance: Tested down to -10°c in Canberra.
  • Stolons are present, deep-rooted.
  • Very good winter colour.
  • Moderate mowing frequency, the height of grass 35-45mm in full sun, 50-60mm in shade.
  • Finer leaf compared to other buffalo varieties.
  • Produces little seed head – a common irritant for people with allergies.

Quick Tips on how to raise your Sapphire Buffalo

Lawn Preparation and turf laying:

  1. Clean the soil from all wastes and weeds.
  2. Prepare a self-draining, sandy loam.
  3. Level the soil evenly.
  4. Apply fertilizer (NPK) in an equal amount and spread evenly on the ground.
  5. Lay the grass as soon as it is delivered in moist soil.
  6. On hot days, lay a roll then water lightly until you finish everything.
  7. In colder days you can unroll everything at once then water within an hour of laying.


  • Water thoroughly making sure that the turf will not dry out until roots are established, once a day or more if hotter.
  • To check, pull a corner of the grass and push in the soil three to four inches using any hard object. The object should be relatively easy to push down.
  • Check all the corners and edges that are missed often.
  • Areas near buildings dry out faster, so it needs more water.
  • Water in the earlier part of the day to take advantage of the normal grass growing cycle and less evaporation.
  • After the Sapphire Buffalo is settled, deeper infrequent watering is required.


  • After 3-4 weeks of laying, mow lightly to give your lawn a clean look.
  • After the Sapphire Buffalo is established, mow every 5-10 days in hot months and 3-6 weeks in colder months.
  • Height: 35-45mm in full sunny areas, 50-60mm in shaded locations


  • Feed the grass before laying the turf to encourage a healthier rooting.
  • A slow release formula is encouraged.
  • Nitrogen-rich fertilisers make the grass green faster.
  • Never fertilise at the peak of summer.


  • Sapphire Buffalo is quite resistant to pests, fungi and weeds but if problems occur ask your local suppliers of pests and weeds controller for products. Stay away from products containing DICAMBA.
  • With careful and patient maintenance of your Sapphire Buffalo, the result will be a lush green paradise for you and your family to enjoy.

Towing Bar Options for Ford Ranger

Towing Bar Options for Ford Ranger

I have been travelling a lot and our family is getting bigger. Most of the time we go to the sea and visit some relatives on the farm near a beautiful beach. We bring a ton of things like food, water, clothes even tents and bikes. Last summer we decided to get a Ford Ranger to fit our active lifestyle. One of the issues I encounter is my vehicle does not have any towbar. I did not even consider this since my last car was a pre-used item so to make the story short I went to the nearest car accessory downtown.

There was a ton to choose from and I don’t have much idea on what to get. They told me that I need to get a trailer hitch and a Flat tongue towbar with 50mm for heavy duty towing. I noticed that you need to get the right one for your vehicle since it is essential and it could be dangerous otherwise. An articulating hitch was also installed to make sure that if an event that the trailer loses control or flip my family and me will be safer. Surprisingly, there is even a breakaway system which is like a failsafe if my trailer disconnects during driving. For the finishing touch, a weight distributing hitch was mounted to spread the load of the trailer evenly. This is important because sometimes we shop for more things and souvenirs at the places we visit.

The last thing to consider will be some insurance, a lifetime warranty was available from the manufacturer so that would make me feel better. One thing to consider to an installed towing bar, it is better to consult professionals since they work faster and safer. They even provided me with new knowledge about tow bars. By the way, when we visited Australia  I learned that there are certain guidelines for safe towing. I suggest that everyone should follow proper towing rules to avoid the hassle.

If you have a different vehicle, you can follow this guide.

Types of Towbars

Two options either fixed or detachable towbars available in the market. They come in two forms – the flange and the swan neck. The flange is the commonly used towbar. The device consists of a tow ball that’s fastened to the flange plate with bolts. The flange plate is permanently connected to the vehicle. If you need to haul lighter loads (up to 1250 kg) a regular 50mm towbar with a bolt-on tongue should work. For massive loads, use a knot receiver.

On the other hand, swan neck towbars are attractive because of their slimline form. They usually don’t interfere with parking sensors and they’re handy. Swan neck towbars are always positioned under the vehicle. They have a slim neck, therefore the title swan neck.

Function Venues for Your Next Business Ideas

Function Venues for Your Next Business Ideas

Today’s corporate culture is seeing an ever rising concern on personnel relations and phasing-in strategies to give their employees their much needed boost. Having said this, different corporate events, parties, and functions are being organized and held every month or at the end of the year. Aside from that, a great party requires the best venue in order to leave a good impression on all employees.
Such corporate events are known for being an amazing source of motivation, and a one of a kind way to appreciate and express gratitude to their hardworking employees. For this reason, choosing the perfect function venue for your corporate events is a big must.

To serve as your guide during your search for a corporate function venue, there are several great and mind blowing ideas you might want to keep in mind to take your party to the next level.

Venue Location

The first and probably most important factor you have to consider when you organize a corporate event is none other than the location. The venue you choose must be easily accessible to everyone who will attend. Events held in big resorts or hotels demand that the orders for guests will be placed well ahead of time. It is important for each invite to arrive at the venue right on time.
If possible, the company must also arrange for transport to the location so that all employees will be able to come and enjoy. You can even organize some sideshows and entertainments as these are exciting features at bigger venues. A lot of times, resorts or hotels turn out to be an ideal option because they give accommodation facility, which is beneficial if foreign delegates will attend your party. In addition to that, trustworthy and reputable venues help in establishing the organization’s image. Be it an award ceremony, recognition party or annual party, choosing the right venue is important.
The popular and huge venues remain booked throughout the year. Thus, one must book in advance to avoid any inconvenience. After all, see to it to book several additional rooms for the guests and invitees to rest for a while. As catering of venues and hotels are up to mark, it’s a bit pointless to worry about these.

You may classify parties in accordance to the guests and invitees. Arrange for an unrestricted and absolute bash for party personnel. Arrange the formal conferences and board meetings for important delegates at very sophisticated venues. Aside from that, nothing is more appropriate for foreign delegates than a golf meeting.

Set Your Budget

While planning for corporate events, you need to work on your budget carefully. Other than that, you have to make sure that you carry additional cash for unpredicted expenses. Oftentimes, your budget might go higher than what you have estimated.

Keep Extra Invite Copies

It’s essential that you keep extra copies of agreements, lists or contracts in case they’re lost or misplaced.

Budget Livelihood Business for Beginners

Starting your own business for the first time might seem like a daunting task, especially when you have no idea what kind of business really suits your budget in the first place.

Budget Livelihood Business

To help budding entrepreneurs, here are some of the best budget livelihood business ideas for beginners worthy to try:

Colognes and Perfumes

People want to smell good and fresh all the times. Making your own cologne or perfume is a very fun and easy business venture that can give you profit margins to as much as 300%, with a startup capital of only P1,500 for 100 grams of perfume.

Sell Ice Cream

Ice cream will always be a favorite treat whatever the season might be. This is a great startup business for any newbie wherein you just need P1,000 for capital.


Special Filipino occasions will never be complete with puto, and the best thing is that it is very easy to make and sell these sweet delights. And even if you do charge flavored puto with a higher price, you can be sure that the masses will still find it affordable. With P500 as capital, you can turn this small business idea into a big one.

Banana Chips

Anyone can be your customer for banana chips so you can be sure that you will have endless possibilities. On top of that, banana chips are very in demand in other countries, making them the best presents for customers who have loved ones abroad. Just make sure that your chips are stored in airtight containers to keep them from losing their crunchiness.


During holiday and special seasons, most people choose food as their default giveaway item, and the sweets like donuts are always chosen as easy to give. In addition, you can sell these to your neighbors and friends, tap cafes and provide donuts for concession, or you can also accept orders by dozen. With a startup capital of P1,000, these donuts are ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, parties, and other occasions.

Aromatherapy Air Freshener

The aromatherapy air fresheners don’t just let you breathe in the air’s reinvigorating and pleasant scents. These can even make you feel more relaxed, uplift your mood, banish your migraines and headaches, and drive away those bugging insects. You can also sell these products through car accessories shops, homecare stores, online shops, or offer these in sets as gift packs. The startup capital is just P1,600, and reap more profits.

Homemade Fruit Preserves

The country teems with lots of tropical fruits, making it easy to prepare various fruit preserves and jams. Since Filipinos always crave for great-tasting spreads for bread, fruit hams are staples in almost all households. These are also great gifts or presents for relatives overseas.

Chocolate Candies

No one can resist chocolates, and chocolate candies are great gifts that you can start making with a capital of P650 for 44 pieces.


The last but definitely not the least great startup business idea is making and selling siopao. Here, there is no need to purchase any pricey equipment, not to mention that there is a very high demand for these foods.

Keys to Sell House and Lot in a Competitive Market

You’ve spent your money to build energy-efficient, durable, disaster resistant, and environment-friendly home and all of these for a competitive and reasonable price. How do you plan selling it? Even the product with such virtues does not sell itself. It takes more enthusiasm, creativity, and lots of effort even to sell high-performance home. Based on the study of the market performances of home buyers, one may analyse how to market their homes to consumers.

Marketing a house effectively means getting an overview of every element involved and fitting each piece into their proper places. Your strategy is to place your home in the market far in advance to attract prospective buyers. Planning your selling strategy means looking at every element of selling your houses and placing them in the right places. After that, you may move quickly from one step to another.

Usually, the customers care about health, cost, comfort, and durability. Basically, neatness, freshness, and great working order are the chief keys to the top sales appeal. Your primary goal is to show your house in move-in condition without some things to fix. Based on the experience of practitioners and experts, here are the keys to sell house and lot to potential buyers:

  1. Know Your Audience

In marketing, it is important to target the most appropriate audience. The impacts of house-price changes on overall consumption as well as consumer welfare depend obviously on the economy’s demographics. One thing that’s particular is that even if the individual groups may experience significant changes in their wealth, the change in wealth can be small since the individual effects might cancel other in aggregation. A good survey on consumer preferences that are related to home buying through breaking the market into several segments is important to begin your marketing process.

  1. Sell Benefit and Not Features

Generic surveys suggest that consumers are not interested in hearing about the products or technologies as they like to hear about their advantages. When it comes to selling your house and lot, translating quality features you added to your home into benefits that customers will gain from is advantageous for marketing assets.

  1. Emphasizing and Finding Cost Savings

Cost is the benefit that most consumers care about. Adding some features to your house that compel the consumers to look for a cost benefit out of the best deal is said to be a good marketing tool. Since a house is both a necessary outlay and an asset, house-price increments don’t make a typical household richer. In other terms, changes in the price of the house have limited impacts for typical household and for overall economy.

There are numerous ways to reach out various home buyers in the market. Getting positive comments from the media equates to tons of free advertising. Consumers browse the internet to boost their knowledge regarding housing problems. You may find many results when you search for a good house and lot property but there is one that stands out and have the 3 keys that would suit on what your looking for, you can check out if your looking to buy house and lot in San Jose City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines.


How to Start Your Own Cleaning Business

Cleaning business in PhilippinesStarting any business is an exciting adventure. When you choose to start a cleaning business, you can look forward to lots of job satisfaction. You will be helping people get more done in their lives and live in clean, sanitary environments.

There is a huge demand for home and business cleaners. Cleaning takes up a lot of time which many new parents or business owners do not have a chance to do themselves. This is where you step in. The prospects of succeeding in a cleaning business are excellent. But, how do you get your business off the ground and start cleaning your first few homes or offices?

Start by deciding on a name and by getting a business license. In the meantime, you can start assembling your basic cleaning tools and supplies. Ask your friends, colleagues, and relatives if you can give them a trial cleaning. They can help you by giving testimonials that you can use when you list your business online.

Make sure you pick a name that is different than other cleaning companies near you. You want your business to stand out, and you don’t want accidentally to create any conflicts with an existing business. When you know what you plan to call your company, apply for a business license.

Decide on your company vehicle and get insurance for your business. Purchase or lease a vehicle for business use. If you do use your personal vehicle, you will need to dedicate it for tax purposes to professional use only. Be sure to add your logo or contact information onto the vehicle.

Set your rates by comparing rates with the companies that are doing business in your area. After this, you can advertise your services. Simple fliers in local stores should be enough to get the word out.

Finding Agricultural lot for Sale for Your Investment

agriculture lot for saleIf there is one industry that will thrive here in the Philippines for a very long time, it is going to be on agriculture. This particular field is what we are known for in the previous decade. If you are from the province, definitely, everyone you know, probably knows someone who is a ‘magsasasaka’ (a farmer). Agriculture is big here in the Philippines, that is for sure.

Because of above reason, I can say that owning an agricultural lot is a viable investment. If you have the right value of cash, you can own hectares of land if you check agricultural lots for sale in the province. Recently, we bought a more that one-hectare lot for only PHP70,000. That’s only seven pesos per square meter. Now, with that land, you can do lots of stuff with it. And after some time, you can surely sell it for a higher price.

If you want to invest on agricultural land, you can use property finder sites to get a list of agricultural lots for sale in the provinces. Once you get a list of properties that you can potentially buy, ask few things before committing to a certain lot.

1. What are your plans for the land after you buy it?

You need to take note that when you buy an agricultural land, there are many things you can do to make a profit out of it. You can do farming if this interest you. But of course, you don’t want to arrange it yourself. Some Filipinos are willing to work on the farm for you. Now, aside for farming, if you still have cash, you can develop it into a particular leisure place. Put some pools and some cottages. Modify the landscape and then rent the place out for your income.

2. Are you going to keep it or sell the land again later?

If you don’t plan to keep the agricultural land too long, make sure that you know all important aspects so you could resell the land into higher price. These are the things you should consider: Soil Type – for the nutrients of the plants, accessibility of water irrigation, city zoning plan, and more.

That is all for now. Looking for properties for sale is sometimes daunting, but it is satisfying if you got what you are looking for.

Online Marketing Helped an Organic Fertilizer Company Grow

Organic Fertilizer is a significant trend Philippines Agriculture business today. For a very lengthy time, farmers in the Philippines are using chemical fertilizers in growing their crops. However, it seems that there is some consensus that the usage of chemical fertilizers became the reason that the quality of the agricultural soil is diminishing. This brought the demand for organic fertilizers. Nowadays, there are plenty of farmers that are looking for a supply of organic fertilizers.

organicsBut the demand for organic fertilizers is spread thinned throughout the archipelago. This is why starting an organic fertilizer supply business is not easy. If you want to take this seriously, you will have a hard time finding those farmers who wish to try organic fertilizers. But there is a simple solution: Internet Marketing.

Naturale Wonders company who distributes organic fertilizers in Manila and Bicol doesn’t have a problem finding customers. On Google, if you search for the keyword, “organic fertilizer Philippines”, the website of natural wonders appear on the first page of Google. Because many people are using the keyword “organizer fertilizer Philippines” every month, they always have someone inquiring about what they offer. This is just one powerful aspect of Internet Marketing.

So if you want more exposure for your organic fertilizer business from the Internet, here are some of the things you can consider doing. By the way,

First, you need to compile all the information that is very helpful to your potential customers. Imagine this, what are the pictures, videos, and written information that you will hand out to a potential customer if you don’t have any chance to speak for your business. You need to have all this because in reality when a potential client first encounters your business through the Internet, you are not there to use your mouth to explain things.

Second, when you already have all the materials, it is time to put up your online properties. They are your website. Facebook page, and your own email so you can respond online correspondence. In building your website, you can get your own .com or .net. It is also best if you will get a domain. A Facebook page is great, so you can interact with your customer on social media. Remember, there are an enormous number of Filipino users on Facebook.

Third, what is the use of online properties if people can’t find them. to get more user that are interested in what you offer. People using our website is what they call traffic in online marketing terms. So how will you get more traffic to your site? There’s word of mouth. Share it with others. You can also share the link to your site on your Facebook page. But the best thing you can do to get traffic is by optimizing your site for search engines like Google. It’s like what I mentioned above. A user uses Google to search for a term and then your website appear on the first page results. You need to learn SEO if you want to get more traffic to your site. Or on the other hand, you nee to have someone do it for you. One of Flipino SEO experts I know is from the website Visit their site and find out more about the Search Engine Optimization industry. You can also watch the Youtube video below to learn about Search Engine Optimization.


There you go. If you already have traffic in your online properties, you will never have any problem with getting customers or clients for your organic fertilizer business.