How an Organic Fertilizer Company got more Business through the Internet

Organic Fertilizer is a significant trend Philippines Agriculture business today. For a very lengthy time, farmers in the Philippines are using chemical fertilizers in growing their crops. However, it seems that there is some consensus that the usage of chemical fertilizers became the reason that the quality of the agricultural soil is diminishing. This brought the demand for organic fertilizers. Nowadays, there are plenty of farmers that are looking for a supply of organic fertilizers.

organicsBut the demand for organic fertilizers is spread thinned throughout the archipelago. This is why starting an organic fertilizer supply business is not easy. If you want to take this seriously, you will have a hard time finding those farmers who wish to try organic fertilizers. But there is a simple solution: Internet Marketing.

Naturale Wonders company who distributes organic fertilizers in Manila and Bicol doesn’t have a problem finding customers. On Google, if you search for the keyword, “organic fertilizer Philippines”, the website of natural wonders appear on the first page of Google. Because many people are using the keyword “organizer fertilizer Philippines” every month, they always have someone inquiring about what they offer. This is just one powerful aspect of Internet Marketing.

So if you want more exposure for your organic fertilizer business from the Internet, here are some of the things you can consider doing. By the way,

First, you need to compile all the information that is very helpful to your potential customers. Imagine this, what are the pictures, videos, and written information that you will hand out to a potential customer if you don’t have any chance to speak for your business. You need to have all this because in reality when a potential client first encounters your business through the Internet, you are not there to use your mouth to explain things.

Second, when you already have all the materials, it is time to put up your online properties. They are your website. Facebook page, and your own email so you can respond online correspondence. In building your website, you can get your own .com or .net. It is also best if you will get a domain. A Facebook page is great, so you can interact with your customer on social media. Remember, there are an enormous number of Filipino users on Facebook.

Third, what is the use of online properties if people can’t find them. to get more user that are interested in what you offer. People using our website is what they call traffic in online marketing terms. So how will you get more traffic to your site? There’s word of mouth. Share it with others. You can also share the link to your site on your Facebook page. But the best thing you can do to get traffic is by optimizing your site for search engines like Google. It’s like what I mentioned above. A user uses Google to search for a term and then your website appear on the first page results. You need to learn SEO if you want to get more traffic to your site. Or on the other hand, you nee to have someone do it for you. One of Flipino SEO experts I know is from the website Visit their site and find out more about the Search Engine Optimization industry. You can also watch the Youtube video below to learn about Search Engine Optimization.


There you go. If you already have traffic in your online properties, you will never have any problem with getting customers or clients for your organic fertilizer business.

Your $25 can get you a long way

What can you do with your $25 (or approximately P1,100)? Maybe spend a day at the spa? Or treat your friends with two boxes of pizza? Buy a lovely dress maybe or a pair of shoes? While these things are worthy of your hard earned money, still they fall under the kind of expense that diminishes in value over some time and doesn’t bring you any profit in return. After a relaxing day at the spa, it’s gone when you get back to work with only a memory of it that you can hold on to. After eating your pizza, you get full and satisfied but get hungry again after a few hours. A beautiful dress or a pair of gorgeous shoes will last for quite some time and considered a good investment, too. They say power dressing will get you places, but still they depreciate over some time. I’m not saying don’t spend your money on these things and the likes, people also need them, and they sure are worthy of our money.

money investmentBut given the options, don’t you think it’ll be better to spend or invest our hard earned money on things that will give us something in return? $25 may be a small amount of money that you’d think there is no way that we can put in an investment portfolio. There is a way. And I’m not talking about letting it sit in your bank account and wait for it to earn not more than 4% per annum. That’s like earning P44.00 per year or even less.
One smart way of spending your $25 or P1,100 is to join a cooperative which in turn will be your support group. Cooperative members are also part-owners; so with your $25, you will be a part-owner of a big organization. And we know that as part-owners, you will be entitled to the organization’s earnings or dividends at the least. Now how cool is that?

What you must do is to start asking about the list of local cooperatives in your vicinity and start investing.